Episode 37

Published on:

30th Dec, 2021

Episode 36

Published on:

15th Nov, 2021

Episode 35

Published on:

11th Nov, 2021

Episode 34

Published on:

2nd Nov, 2021

Episode 33

Published on:

28th Oct, 2021

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About the Podcast

Brand Master Flash
I help elevate brand leaders so they realise their purpose. Feel great, look great and make more money.
Your brand is your community. It’s their instinctive connectedness with you, in their hearts and minds.

The Brand Master Flash Podcast and Vlog explore how to define and deliver an effective brand strategy. One that's true to who you really are, inspires your team, connects you with your customers and makes a positive difference.

Weekly content includes useful advice in brand strategy, business, creativity, design and marketing. Hear from brand leaders, marketers, creatives, artists and positive influencers who are building communities, pushing boundaries and making a positive impact.

About your host

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Jonny Prest

I help solve problems, unite teams and drive brands forward. By encouraging leaders across the globe to think about and act upon the most important things within their organisations, we can explore new ideas and innovate.

My approach to brand strategy is centered around people. My clients find the focus on the foundational beliefs, values, vision and purpose to be cathartic, transformational and enlightening. For me, brand building is all about community. It's the process of increasing the connectivity between your team, your customers, your offering and the world around you. It’s a playground we all play in.

Working one-to-one or facilitating collectively with staff and stakeholders, we explore, realise and design a brand strategy that is true to the core of who you truly are and want to be. Following a discovery call, we can find the right solution for you. From power hours and week sprints to bi-monthly exploration sessions, in-person or remotely, we can blend any solution that will achieve your objectives.